This website is very fresh and pretty loose/unorganized in both layout and intent. Mainly propped up for the sake of starting. But also, why not?

Something of an intro: Just two folks looking for artistic expression and community mixed with a bit of pain and struggle. We do some art, we do some projects, we do some outings and we'd like for them to be a bit inconvenient to us. Pictures of these things may or may not end up on this site. The purpose is to build some intrigue in personal artistry and hopefully inspire others to carry out misc. artistic endeavors... or at the very least... elicit feelings of "huh, neat".

Looking to add contributors who want their artwork and projects posted. Will add your face-shot / portrait / photo / etc. with almost w/e description to the front page if desired.

Everything on this site is subject to change, if you know us / see us and have ideas definitely throw them our way. Both about the website and misc. art stuff.

Thanks for stopping by đź‘‹

Idk what else, so below are some pictures taken by Matt.